It feels like an eternity since I could tell you something about our house building, but now it’s really getting started. But we start at the beginning. We’ve had a viewing and sold our current house. Now during our vacation we’re doing the best to clear and pack up, as we have to move out in mid-September, we’re also looking for a temporary accommodation until we can move into the new house. We’ve had a technical consultations with the municipality, Myresj√∂hus and our controller. The construction started the following day and only an hour after that, the groundwork was running. The plan is to have the foundation done as soon as possible, preferably before the industrial holiday. The house itself comes in late August.

So, this is what it looks like. We’ve had some help by a neighbor to get rid of the stump from the old oaktree.


The field contractor has marked out where the house will stand


And they’ve done some digging for water and sewers.


The water well is ready and the preparations for the actual casting are in full swing


And this will be the last picture for this post


The builders have now connected the hot and cold water and made some preparations for the down stares heating. The building will now take a short break until August (vacation), and then they will finish the down stares heating and pour the concrete. By late August the first pieces of our house will arrive – Yeay ūüôā