Hi everypawdy!

We’re  back after an unplanned blogbreak. It just got to hectic with the whole moving thing that we just didn’t have the time 🙁 So, how’s you summer been? I just have to say, what an amazing weather we’ve had in Sweden. I felt like I was back in Thailand. Harry’s not been equally impressed with the heat. To be honest, he hated it. We spent a lot of time with my inlaws as they have air condition, I got Harry a cooling west and he’s been eating a lot of dog ice cream and ice cubes. Does your dog refuse to eat when it’s hot outside? For Harry it got so bad that he’s poop got all loose and I had to start giving him minced lamb for dogs to get him to eat. He drank a lot of water and was his normal happy self and didn’t loose any weight so the vet told us not to worry.

But enough of that… Oh yeah, we’ve moved out of our house and are now living in a rented cottage, wooden storehouse – kind a thing, out here in the countryside. Just a short 10 minute walk from our future home. So Harry is now officially a countrydog, and he’s loving it. We moved last weekend and he’s taken it really well. I thought that he might get anxious or something as he’s never moved before, and our landlord has a dog of his own. But it’s gone super. Qvintus, the landlords dog, and Harry really hit it of and enjoy playing together. I’m so happy.

What else, the actual build of our hour is now in full swing. The external walls arrived last Thursday. We took the day off from work and watched and took lots and lots of photos.









Oh, before we go, we just want to give you a day trip tip. In Mariefred there is a cafĂ© called KafĂ© Klaver that you have to check out. It’s super dogfriendly, they serves homemade food and pastries (yes, they have gluten free, lactose free and vegetarian options) and they have an amazing view of MĂ€laren. And if you like to shop, you can make a bargain at Hedlandet 🙂 We went there a few weeks ago and it was amazing. We’re definitely going back

Happy paws