Wow, it’s been ages sins I last posted something. I do apologize.

But let me get you up to speed. Let’s start with the star – Harry.

As you know he’s had some problems with his little tummy. And after this summer it’s gotten even worse. Finally I tok him to the vet and he is now on a veterinay diet with a supplement for his intestinal flora and is doing great, getting better every day. Talk about “like owner like dog” I mean, that are the odds of both owner and dog having tummy problems?

But what about the house? It’s getting there. This weekend the builders put in the floor, all the rooms have been painted, the bathroom, laundry room and hall have been tiled. All the inside doors have been fitted, and later this week our kitchen will arrive and be fitted alongside the interior to the laundry room and the stairs. Hopefully we will be in by the end of this year, but the date is still set on end of January. I don’t have any photos as we’re not allowed on site – but we have been peeking through the windows (don’t tell anyone)

Speaking of tummies, how the FOD MAP going? It’s going great. As long as I avoid stress, keep my hours, exercise and drink a glas of water before every meal. I feel like I’ve found a good routine with the cooking and the planing and the shopping and the hours. And I have a better understanding of what I can and can’t eat. Like I can’t have gluten free bread as I can’t eat the starch that’s in wheat. But I can replace wheat with cornflower, rice flower and sifted whitewashed.

And in all this everyday chaos me and Harry have been, and still are, helping miss Rebecca launch her very own online store. Called we still have some minor things to sort out, but the plan is to launch now in November.

You can get more updates on Instagram @harrytheshiapso or @nosgosshop. Harry will have some great offers for you