About two weeks ago, after a week in bed with a mancold, J was really restless and started working on the up stairs. I wasn’t fast enough to take any photos, but yesterday I managed to be the first one up the stairs.

This space will be our tv-room/livingroom, and at the right corner (where the ladder is) we’re going to have a dressingroom/wardrobe. As there’s only one bedroom in the house, we’re going to prepare the tv-room to be transformed into two bedrooms by simply putting up a wall between the windows. You gotta be prepared and think ahead ūüôā


This corner will be a bedroom/homeoffice, we’re thinking of making this the master bedroom.


On this side we’re gonna build a second bathroom. J tells me it’s going to be bigger than the downstairs bathroom.. I’m finding that hard to believe, but then again, the kitchen ended up bigger than I thought so.. I trust him completely.


Somewhere around here I’m getting my very own meditationspot. Can you picture it? Without the vacuum.. No? Good, me too.


One that’s not thrilled about us starting with the up stairs is Harry. He’s not allowed there with all the insulation laying around. This stuff’s really itchy and knowing our fluffy boy, he’s gonna grab a piece and play with it..


“The nerve, leaving me down here, having fun without me. You guys suck”


“I’ll take a treat as a peace offering now, thank you”

Oh, before I go. I’ve been looking at fences, what do you think of something like this?