Have you seen (or read) Angels and Demons? Then you will certainly recognize a lot when you come to the Vatican. But what shocked me the most was the amount of people who were there. We thought we were early, we got there already at 9 pm, but check out the queue – it just went on.


We went on a guided tour of the Musei Vaticani and the Basilica, something that I do recommend. Not only do you get to skip the line, but you also get a lot of detailed information. They told us the tour was 1 1/2 hour, but it was more like 3 so wear really comfortable shoes because it will be a lot of standing and walking.

This pinecone statue is made entirely of copper, picked out from the Colosseum. You will see the holes in my next post.


Morciano di Romagna by Arnaldo Pomodoro in 1926 and bronzed in 1990. The cool thing about this sphere is that it sometimes rotate.

07022017-Kopparglob Vatikanen

This is from inside the museum

A handmade mosaic floor. I’m glad it wasn’t my job to lay all those pieces..

Now, let’s go inside the Basilica. This church is huge


Recognize this? Some of the figures moved slowly.