The sun is back, after two days of grey clouds and rain, it’s finally back. And the temperatures is up. Oh, joy. A little birdie told me it’s going to be about +20C this weekend, which is perfect because we’re going to see my parents on Saturday.

Today was my first day back at the office, after almost two weeks. Still have the cold, but I can’t stay home anymore. I was so anxious yesterday that I haven’t slept very well. I hate this burnout crap…

Harry enjoying the sun

Yesterday we were supposed to be at puppy class, but I had panic attacks all day and couldn’t make it trough the door. And I couldn’t help feeling bad for Harry, I still do a bit. Instead we went for a mindful walk in the rain, it was so peaceful and quite – and freezing cold. The only sound we heard was the sound of the raindrops. All the sane people stayed indoors, haha. When we got home Harry had to get in the bathtub to wash his paws. He was so muddy, and let me tell you, he wasn’t very happy about that 🙂

You know what, we should get an icecream today, Harry has had his eye on the magic moose doggie icecream in the freezer..