Hi everpawdy

Harry here. I’ve been helping miss Rebecka (@strangnashundvard) taste testing some new products for her shop. It’s these three from JP Pet Products.. I also got a fussy bunnyear, but I ate it in the store before momy could get the camera out – it was just to good to resist 🙂


On the table we have a salmon paté, turkey paté and pork spagetti. All these products are 100% natural, no additives or preservatives. Momy can happily report that my tummy didn’t get upset, not even once. The patés keep in the refrigerator for 3 days after you’ve opened it. And they are perfect for puppies. Grain free and gluten free.

So, let’s look at the turkey first. Smells good.. looks good. 4 paws up.


And for desert, one of my pork spagetties. Now I know why humans love their pasta so much. If you could only smell this one… mmm.. All smelly treats must be eaten in my humans bed, preferably on daddys side. That’s the rouls (my rouls) 4 paws up and a tailwagg.



And this is the salmon. I don’t think I’ve had salmon before. I’ve tried some other fish-tasting treats, but they made my tummy go bananas. This one, however, didn’t.


This one also gets 4 paws, these past few weeks have been really hot, so I haven’t had much appetite. But these patés was just what I needed.


Mmm, salmon