Hi. How are you? I’m a bit exhausted. We had +30C yesterday and I haven’t slept very well, it was just to hot. But I can’t complain, I like it a lot better than the weather we’ve had.

We’ve just gotten home after a visit to my parents. This was Harrys first roadtrip, and he did so good. On the way up we only had to stop once for a peebreak. On the way home he slept like a log.

american cookie cake

Yesterday I made a cake for my mother, a American cookie cake with dark chocolate and caramel. I just love this cake, and luckily, so did my mom. Recipe here If you can’t get hold of any Dumle, you can use Snickers. I added mini meringues, but you could also use marshmallows – if you want 🙂 The cake box is from Lyckas med mat


Before we went home, we stoped in Sigtuna and visited RC Chocolat and had lunch with my parents. I highly recommend a visit to RC Chocolat, they have been awarded Best Café since 2006 and is awarded with the White Guide.


I wish you could hear Harry right now. He is snoring. It’s been an adventurous day for our little puppy. Long car ride, a walk at grandmas house, another car ride, a walk along the boardwalk in Sigtuna with A LOT of people and dogs and the hard work of watching everything and every one at the outdoor seating at the café.

You know what, I think I need a powernap if I’m going to be able to watch the hockey later today. Are you going to watch the match?