Nah, you know what. We need to make a fresh start here.
I’m really lousy at taking my camera out and shoot, Harry takes up almost all of my waking hours. So this photo blog, is simply becoming something of a lifestyle blog.


Since the beginning of this year, I only work 25% due to fatigue symptoms (burnout) and as part of my rehabilitation my doctor has prescribed diary entries. Apparently it is easier for the brain to process if you write down what happened and what you experienced. This is something that’s been very difficult to do, so I thought I’d write a few lines here and share my experience with you.

What else? Well, we have finished the fence around the yard so Harry can be outside without a leash. So very nice to not have to tangle with a leash when trying to pot  around the garden, or trip when we run around and play. J got the last planks up in time for the weekend, which was perfect for the gorgeous weather we have now. Guess how easy it is to try and get Harry  to come inside in the evenings, he really loves the outdoors. He can sit forever on the deck and just watch the people and cars passing on the street outside.
Otherwise, we have an exciting week ahead of us. J went to Gotland for work this morning, so we are on our own for about a week – the first time. But it will certainly go great. We have also started working on Harry being able to stay at home alone and to go into the cage in the car. So far he has traveled with the harness in the front seat with me, and in the back seat of the car Js, and it’s been super. But the cage is NOT appreciated.
Anyone have any tips?