New Year’s Eve can mean mixed feelings for animal owners. Perhaps you know that you have a dog who gets worried about New Year’s Eve, or you are a new dog owner and wonder how your dog will respond to parties and fireworks. We have summarized some important points to help guide you to a nice New Year’s Eve.

Plan well
Consider carefully how you think your dogs New Year’s Eve will look. Will there be many visitors at home? Will the dog be at home, accompany you to someone else or maybe be left at boardinghouse? If your dog is very scared, a common stay at fireworkfree airport hotel can be an option.

Walking and being outside
Please go for a long walk during the day and activate your dog so that it’s a bit tired than usual and properly cared for. Later in the evening, try to walk your dog in as quiet areas as possible.
Keep your dog on a leash, both before and during New Year’s Eve. Every year dogs run away, after being frightened by firecrackers –  even in the middle of the day.

Quiet and safe place to be on
Whether the dog is at home or not, make sure it has a quiet and safe place to be on. Preferably somewhere it’s free to choose from.
Never lock in a dog who is worried, it may worsen the condition.
It’s important that the dog itself can choose if it wants to be with you or not.
Make sure that the calm place for the dog is as protected as possible, preferably without windows, to reduce noise and light from fireworks.

Maintenance and Enable
Give the dog a toy or cheekbone to entertain it self with.
Serve portions of the dog’s food into an activation toy spread on a rug or hide the food in different places so the dog can work a little with the brain and body.