If there’s on thing we Swedes like it’s a good fika, and December is no exception. Every Sunder in December we have Adventsfika. In this post I’ve collected my top 10 must haves homebakes for Christmas. Enjoy.

1)Cheesecake with with gingerbread and Roquefort now this cheesecake has a LOT of flavour, so make sure you are a true cheeselover befor you try this bad boy.
2) Around December 9th, it’s the day of the gingerbread in Sweden, so to celebrate I do recommend you try this delicious gingerbreadbrownie.
3) What about another cheesecake? A orange and gingerbreadcheesecake

Orange and gingerbread cheesecake

4) Yes, we love gingerbread here in Sweden and this is one of my favorites, it’s a sticky soft gingerbread with a lingonberry frosting

Kladdig pepparkaka med lingonfrosting

5) Christmas is also the time for homemade candy, like lakritsknäck or classic knäck
6) or ischoklad (icechocolate)
7) Polkanäbbar part1, part 2– a tasty cookie with crushed polka dots and white chocolate
8) Saffron rolls
9) Saffron cookies – when you don’t have the time or energy to make saffronrolls 🙂
10) Saffron biscotti

There it is, my top 10 must have homebakes for Christmas.