Hello everypawdy. Harry here.

How are you coping in this heat? I’m not liking this at all, I do my best hiding in the basement or staying indoors at grandma’s. She has air conditioning, daddy’s been looking for one all summer, but they are sold out 🙁

As I’m not liking this weather, it’s hard to find something to do. A puppy’s got a lot of energy to burn everyday, so last Saturday my humans took me to meet my birthparents. Unfortunately my daddy Ozzy was away on vacation, but I got too meet a lot of other lovely ladies. It was a bit scary at first, getting greeted by 7, yes 7!, ladies. So as I’d put mommy on camera duty I bravely stayed close to dad – just in case.


This is me, hiding behind dad as Greta and Maja are checking me out. I think Cilla and Greta were surprised to see me there.


Here I am with Cilla and my sister Doris – we are from the same litter. It was so fun meeting her. Unfortunately she didn’t get as good humans as I did, so miss Vickan (our breeder) took her back after a few months. I could see in momys eyes, when she found out, she wanted to take Doris with us. But dad and I think there’s only room for one puppy in the house.


On the left here is Maja, then Luna and on the right – Nicki. Nicki is a pure Lhasa Apso and she is adopted from an older lady who couldn’t keep her.


Maja, Luna and Nicki


Me and Luna


The lovely mis Luna, she’s Cilla and Gretas birthmother, and she can’t bark (?) You just se her head and mouth move..


Would you look at this face? How can you not fall in love with this face? I know I did


Cilla, Greta, Nicki and Luna


Me and Maja playing in the grass


This is my absolute favorite photo from this day. It’s me and Maja.

That’s all I had for this time. See you soon

Love Harry