This week I thought I’d make a product review. But before we start, I just want to clarify that this post is not sponsored, it’s not a collaboration and it doesn’t contain any affiliate links.

So, let’s get started. This is the product in question. JR Pet Product’s Kangaroo sticks.


As you know Harry has a very sensitive stomach, and finding treats and food for him is no easy task. I personally also want his food to be as high quality as possible, which makes it even harder. Then about two weeks ago Rebecca gave me this packet of sticks to try, as she told me  she wanted to try them out for her store. And we are more than happy to help 🙂


What’s so great about these? Well it’s 100% pure meat – no additives or preservatives. Grain and gluten-free. Just the way I like it. Their products are aslo responsibly sourced from Europe and they only use the best quality raw material.


The sticks themselves are soft on the outside and a bit harder on the inside. Making it easy to break of a piece, but also a bit chewy for your dog.


If kangaroo doesn’t rock your boat they’ve got other flavours. How about goat, rabbit, venison, beef, buffalo or lamb? No? How about fish, pork, duck or poultry? That’s more flavours than any other dog food company I’ve come across.


But what does Harry think? Well, he has a sweet tooth and  he does love these. After a few days with a slow introduction without any problems with his stomach he’s now free to enjoy them as often as possible.

Where can I find these tasty bites? Well, I’ve googled a bit ( okej, a lot) but I can’t find anyone in Sweden that sels them. You can get them from Amazone, or you can buy them from JR Pet Products webshop but you will be charged £15.00 in delivery cost if you live outside the UK but still in Europe. If you live in Sweden you can look up miss Rebecca on Instagram of Facebook. Look for strangnashundvard (strängnäshundvård)

How much do they cost? These sticks cost about £2.49, that’s about 28,50 sek or 3,45 USD