What’s better for a dog than to play with than another dog? Several other dogs. In mid-June we had a small sibling gathering at my in-laws house. Getting all four in one picture proved to be a bigger challenge than I thought. This is the best group picture I got, where you kinda can see all their faces.


At the far back to the right we have Harry – easy to spot, and to the left – Dennis. At the far right, big sister Cilla as she turns her head away and on the left we have big sister Greta.


It was quite hot this day so my father-in-law had set up the beach tent which offered some little shade. Here’s Dennis having a short break.


Dennis, Greta and Harry heading down to the lawn for a bit more play and fun. I don’t know how they find the energy


Beautiful Cilla, the oldest of the siblings


Cuddly Greta. This little miss can cuddle longer than anyone


Another group photo. Harry was really tired after this day, tired but happy 🙂