It’s strange how your mind sometimes goes blank, and you have no idea what to write. And sometimes you have so many ideas that you don’t know where to start.. That’s me right now, so how about some dog photos from Easter?  We had a nice day with J’s family with a traditional swedish easter dinner. The most fun part was when J’s niece L brought out her drone. I do regret not getting it on video. The dogs went crazy, especially Harry.



It was a bit scary at first, but after a few barks and sniffs, he followed her around the garden until the batteries ran out.


Just look how focused he is.

We also managed to squeeze in an egghunt, complete with a treasure map, a nice long walk and some dessert – an Swissnutchocolatecake. Trust me, after that cake it was a much needed walk 🙂


And some rumbling on the ice and snow.

Before I go, something totaly of topic. We had a photographer here today to take some pictures. Our house is finally getting ready fore sale. I promise to show you the photos as soon as I can. I’m so excited