Good morning.
Did you have a nice Easter Eve yesterday? We had a great day, the snow was still there when we got up, but as I had hoped, it melted away during the day and we had some lovely sunshine throughout the day. I even managed to sit outside on my in laws porch and catch some sun. J’s brother and his family where also there. We had a traditional Easter dinner with herring, potatoes, schnapps, mini sausages and meatballs. Followed by coffee and cake and we later on ended the day with a traditional bbq of chicken and wedges – so good. I love my mother in laws wedges, the are amazing.


Harry also had a great day yesterday. He not only got to play with Dennis but also J’s nieces. And to topp it all off – his very own Easter egg filled with dog treats. He slept like a log al through the night and is still sleeping by the patio door

I’m thinking of spending the rest of the day in the garden, feels like there is always something left to be done there. And perhaps have some left over candy and a Netflix movie.. I’m in the mood for an old school horror movie today. How about you? Any plans?