Yes, okay. I know it’s only in early November, but it’s time to start planning your Christmasshopping. I love Christmas, but if there’s one thing I hate it’s all the shopping you need to do, especially the week before Christmas. I refuse to go into a store the week before Christmas. Wandering aimlessly from shop to shop, standing in endless lines, sweating underneath your winter coat. Going to the nearest cafe, just to find yourself in another endless line. No thanks, I prefer to plan my shopping early, and if I find the perfect gift to.. let’s say my boyfriend, in June – I’ll get it and hide it somewhere around the house. For example in my wardrobe and the linnen closet. Not many men dare to open a woman’s wardrobe – trust me, it’s the perfect place to hide stuff.

So about this time of the year I start making a list of all i need to buy a gift for then I just ask them what they want. And as the answers drop in I go online and do my research to see which stores to go to. That way, I don’t stressed out by all the other shoppers in the mall, I don’t get a panic attack and go home empty-handed. And if I get there early I can get myself a cup fp tea without waiting in line t for it. Or even better, I just do my shopping online. Many of the onlinestores offer giftwrapping. Now THAT’S  customer service.