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Some short facts about the Colosseum before we check out the pictures. The Colosseum is an amphitheater built between 70 and 80 AD. Emperor Vespasian began building and his son Titus finished it. The Colosseum had been fights between wild animals, executions, gladiatorial games and theater here before a large audience, as most 87,000 spectators. […]

The Vatican

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Have you seen (or read) Angels and Demons? Then you will certainly recognize a lot when you come to the Vatican. But what shocked me the most was the amount of people who were there. We thought we were early, we got there already at 9 pm, but check out the queue – it just […]

A weekend in Rome

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Oops, already February. Must admit that neither the inspiration or motivation has been on top, but last week it became some pictures when we went on a weekend to Rome. I was going to split the weekend in three different parts of it are simply too many pictures to graze in a post. In the […]

Narvik part 5

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I thought we’d end this blogyear with the fifth, and final part of my little photo series of Narvik. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. All photos are taken with my little Sony A5000, I really love the colors the Sony gives the photos. But before you scroll down to the photos, I would like to take the […]

Narvik part 4

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Part 4, on these pictures you can see the markings from the last glaciation even better. Mother nature is truly remarkable

Narvik part 3

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I’ve completely forgotten to show you guys part 3 (and 4) of the photos from Narvik. I really like these photos. The mountains got their shapes from the last glaciation. So cool

Narvik part 1

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J’s sister in law is from Narvik, Norway, and a few weeks ago J went there with his brother. He borrowed one of my cameras and came home with a lot of beautiful pictures. I’m going to divide them into multiple posts, there’s just too many to go through at once. Norway has a special […]

5 bästa restaurangerna på Klong Nin

Vår resa börjar så sakteligen närma sig sitt slut, och jag tänkte passa på att lista de 5 (enligt mig) bästa restaurangerna på Klong Nin. / Our journey is slowly coming to an end, and I thought I’d take the opportunity to list the top 5 (according to me) restaurants on Klong Nin. Shanti Shanti: har jag […]