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Då har oktober brakat igång. Det har regnat och blåst de senaste dagarna. I helgen hade jag och J höststädning. Vi plockade in det sista av sommaren, dynor till utemöblerna, robotgräsklipparen, vattenslangar och liknande. Det blev även en sväng ut till tomten för att köra det sista av deponin till soptippen. Nu är det verkligen […]

Itsy bitsy spider

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I’d like to introduce you to our new, and closest neighbor – the spider. This little fellow has moved in between the posts, on the fence, on our new front porch – and he seems very happy 🙂

Midsummer garden

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Last Friday we celebrated Midsummer with my in-laws. The weather was warm but cloudy,  so while the others went for a swim in the pool, I went for a stroll in the garden with my camera


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I managed to get some good pictures of some bumblebees munched on one of our giant poppy flowers on the way to the car this morning.