Many people would like to have a dog, but don’t think they can because they live in a big city or town. Of course you can have a dog if you live a city life, you just have to adapt to the situation and realize that you have a big responsibility towards other people.
I’ve gathered 12 tips on what to think of as a dog owner, living in a town, so that you and your dog get a harmonious relationship with neighbors, landlords and other dog owners.

Pick up! Pick up after your dog – dog poop and dogs that mark reefs create irritation.

Keep your dog on a leash! Respect those around you, don’t let your dog run loose in public places.

No barking dogs! Nobody appreciates sustained dogbarking

No chasing dogs! Neither wild nor domestic animals are to be chased uncontrollably by your dog

Travel with your dog correctly! Take your dog to designated location on public transport. Never leave your dog in a hot or ice cold car, or tied the bumper

Never leave your dog unattended! Your dog can be injured or cause injuries. The opportunity makes the thief

Pay attention to other dogs! Respect that not all dogs want to or should greet each other

Pay attention to other people! You and your dog don’t need to be center of attention and take the biggest place in the public space

Do not expose your dog to fireworks! Firefighters and fireworks can both scare and hurt your dog for life.

Ensure your dog! Have your dog insured – it deserves it.

Treat your dog with respect! A dog is neither a toy nor an accessory

Register your dog! Get your dog ID-tagged and owner-registered, it’s invaluable if your dog should run away or be stolen.

Don’t yell at the dog!
As a dog owner, you want to be treated with understanding and respect. However, respect can never be expected to be greater than the respect we show our fellow human beings. The attitude of the environment to dogs often depends on how we dog owners behave and how we act. Responsible dog owners are the best ambassadors for dogs and dog owners.

Be a good dog owner – for everyone!