and welcome. I’m Cecilia, the human behind this blog. I’ve been bloging since 2011, mainly under my alias Cavegirl. I’m also a home baker, amateur photographer, cookiejunkie and tealover, living with IBS.
And I’m Harry. I’m the star of the show and king of the house. A Shihapso, a mix between Shih tzu and Lhasa apso, born in December 2016. I love treats, sleeping on the bed, walkies and adventures. I hate the rain and being alone for any length of time or reason.

In 2015, I was diagnosed with fatigue symptoms (burn out) and since then I suffer from depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I’m now slowly working my way back, and I want to share my journey and experience with you. To try and spread a little light in the darkness and give you that feel good feeling.

E-post: cecilia@ceciliasderlund.se
Facebook: ceciliasderlund