Harry on his favorite spot, on the sofa, scouting the area.


Well, it has probably been exactly 24 hours .. Right now I’m sitting at the kitchen table, looking out over the garden, the rain is pouring down, and Harry is asleep in his bed. The evening and the night went  really good, better than expected, actually. I thought Harry would be more rabid and run around and look for J, but he fell asleep so nicely at 17:30 and slept until 20. Then we went out for a walk, usually he tends to go straight to bed and fall asleep but yesterday it was a little play left in the body. After some play he fell asleep at 21, then he slept like a log up to 02 approximately. Took a walk in the yard and then fell asleep until the bell rang this morning. So very good, momy is so proud. Keep your thumbs and toes that it works just as well tonight.
Today, he has, as usual, been at my mother in law while I was working, then we went to the best Rebecca and cut claws. On Tuesday, we will go there again for his puppy trimming exercise. The rest of the day, we will continue with our loneliness training and practice to go into the cage in the car. Got a lot of tips from Rebecca 🙂

Well, now it’s a little gentleman who has just woken up and wants to go out in the rain.

Feel good