It’s vacationtime and I thought that maybe some of you are going to Stockholm with your furbabies and need some tips on where to go. A lot of places in Sweden don’t welcome dogs, so I’ve searched the internet some helpful tips and I found this list from Metro, but it’s in swedish so I’ve translated it for you. I haven’t tested all these places yet, if you do, please let me know it the information below is correct. All credit goes to Joana Sorobetea who wrote the original article.

1) Äppelfabriken, Wiksund, 179 96 Svartsjö. A brewery with a café and a greenhouse where you can bring the dog. Super cosy to hang in during the winter and delicious soups
2) Pom & Flora, Bondegatan 64. Perfect breakfast hut where you can sit for a long time and talk. They serve all trendy breakfast options such as acaibowl and avocadosandwich, but the best is the croissant with cheese and ham with plain black coffee to
3) Pane Vino, Brännkyrkagatan 93, Lite fancy Italian place with the world’s best little greenhouse where you can sit outside and eat all year long. Delicious pasta, fish and wine. Allowing dogs in the main restaurant. A little pricey but definitely worth it.
4) Magnolia, Blecktornsgränd 9. Magnola is the world’s most cozy café that looks like a little jungle. They have recently made a proper reprint and replaced their entire menu to a lot of good Asian options. They have baos, sashimi, small bowls and vegan options. Plus beer of course.

5) Bruno Gallery / Ljunggrens, Götgatsbacken. A café in Brunomall, tasty raw food and coffee. Offers a roof terrace.
6) Katarina Ölkafé, Katarina Bangata 27. Swedish-American deli with tasty Stockholm bear.
7) Babylon, Björn’s Garden. A small and cramped outdoor seating. Do try the cummin cheese
8) Barobao, Hornsgatan 66. Serves baos and other small dishes with an asian feeling, tasty beer. Their top seller is pork belly bao
9) Beijing 8, Hornsbruksgatan 26. Serves different types of dumplings, steamed or fried. You choose the health level 🙂
10) Brewdog, Ringvägen 149B (also available at Kungsholmen) The theme of this list is – beer and this place has a special beer for dogs.

11) Elephant Boy, Ring Road 151, Asian Food
12) Elverket, Linnegatan 69. Dogs are allowed in the bar that has the same menu as the restaurant.
13) Frapino, Långholmsgatan 3. Good old fashion café, have a coffee, make your own salad or have a hamburger. A good place to work from.
14) Coffee shop, Hornsgatan 78. The name says it all – coffee, delicious caradmonbuns, breakfast ..
15) Moodgallerian, Regeringsgatan 48. One of few malls that allows dogs. A concierge will watch your dog for up to two hours, free of charge, if the restaurant you want to eat at does not allow dogs.
16) NK, Hamngatan 18-20, maybee no the most charming place but it works
17) Nytorget 6, Nytorget 6. Right next to Urban Deli. Kind of traditional swedish food, good breakfast hangout.
18) Phil’s Burger, Birger Jarlsgatan 34. A hamburger restaurant
19) Rost, Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 52. A bikeshop restuarant mix. Beer from microbreweies, organic food. Stockholm’s best pizzas.
20) Slagtis, Field overthrow. Traditional swedish dishes, also known as home cooking.
21) Taylor & Jones, Hornhuset. Hotdog. Beer. Simple as that
22) The theater, Ringens shopping center. A foodcourt in Ring mall. Halfprisy fast food
23) Tures, Sturegallerian. A frensh / swedish brasserie. Kind of pricy. Perfect if you want to relax with a glass of wine after some shopping