By Malene Birger

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For about two years ago I bought my first cell phone case – ever, it was this black and white one from By Malene Birger. Back then you could only get it in that color combination, but now there are more options – a lot more. As it’s kept surprisingly good, it’s only a small piece […]


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I feel like my imagination snuck away with the heat. As if it went on holiday without telling me. Anyway, today’s challenge is the gear. And all I came up with was to take a picture of my cameras – with my iPhone. Not the best quality photos, you can barely see that the bottom […]


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Remember when I said shooting something dark was the hardest on this challenge? I take it back. The more I think about the different themes, the harder it gets. Like today, how do you shoot clean? I’ve spent literally the whole Sunday (and today at work) thinking about it. And then J said, why not shoot […]

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