We’re laying the foundation

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It feels like an eternity since I could tell you something about our house building, but now it’s really getting started. But we start at the beginning. We’ve had a viewing and sold our current house. Now during our vacation we’re doing the best to clear and pack up, as we have to move out […]

Our house

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Woho, our house is finally on the market. I’m so excited. We’ve lived here for about 4 years and a lot has happened since we moved in. Let’s take a look. This is what our livingroom looked like when we moved in. A bit dark and cramped. This is our livingroom now. Light and bright, […]

Update on the house

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(Swedish below) It’s been ages since I wrote something about our house. The last update I find is from the beginning of October. So it’s time, I’m also gonna show you the layout of the house. So what’s happened. Last time, we had received our plans and could submit a building permit application, which we also […]