Seek a treat Discovery Wheel

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Last Friday I got Harry a Seek A Treat Discovery Wheel, and as I suspected, he loved it. Just for fun I shot a video of him with my Sony A5000. It’s a bit shaky and out of focus at some times, but I’m still new at this. Okej here goes.


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Good morning and Happy Valborg. I hope you’ve had a good nights sleep and are ready for another beautiful day. Today we’re a little bit tired, we had Dennis for a few hours last night and didn’t get into bed until 10 pm. Way later that usual for this little puppy. But we had a […]


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Woho, it’s finally Friday and the sun is shining. How are you? I hope you’r looking forward to the weekend, I know I am. Today me and J went to Tuna Park after work and got some new shoes and jackets for spring/summer. I also got a new toy for Harry, a seek-a-treat discovery wheel […]

Ugnspannkaka med morötter och cottage cheese

English below Torsdagar är det ju pannkakor som gäller, men det är inte alltid man har tid eller lust att ställa sig och steka dem. Då är en ugnspannkaka den perfekta lösningen. Det här är en lite matigare variant, så det behövs ingen ingen ärtsoppa. 2 dl vetemjöl 4 dl mjölk 1/2 tsk salt 2 […]


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Hi I thought I’d pop in while Harry is sleeping after his midday walk. This picture is from yesterday when we walked by the horse farm a few minutes from my in laws. These beauties are Harrys first encounter with horses, he was very curious. There were some horses that were in training as we walked by […]


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I don’t get it, how is it possible for time to fly by so fast? I could have sworn it was Wednesday yesterday. We’ve been up to quite a bit the last few days. Harry got to play with his siblings this weekend. My in laws were dog watchers for his half sisters this weekend, […]


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Finally Wednesday, I know it’s only a 4 day work week, but still – finally Wednesday. I love every extra day off we can get, the only problem is that I get in vacation mode way to fast, making it really hard to get out of bed when the alarm clock rings. I know you […]

Easter Sunday

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Good morning. Did you have a nice Easter Eve yesterday? We had a great day, the snow was still there when we got up, but as I had hoped, it melted away during the day and we had some lovely sunshine throughout the day. I even managed to sit outside on my in laws porch and […]

Good Friday

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Okej, this was not the kind of weather I had hoped for for Easter. Right now it’s snowing – a lot. And it’s not melting away 🙁  Hopefully it will tomorrow. Today we’ve founded around the parts of the fence where the gates will be. After that we went to my in laws and Harry got to […]

Maundy Thursday

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Ah, Maundy Thursday. I think this is the first Maundy Thursday in very many years that I didn’t have to work all day. I must say it feels very luxurious. But we haven’t had time to bee lazy. We’ve cleared even more in the garden and drove two times to the dump with twigs and […]

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