Marshmallow squares

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This is the recipe for the marshmallow squares I made for my birthday. 1 batch will give you 20-25 pcs. 125 g of butter, roomtemperature 2 1/3 dl cream sugar 3 eggs (2 eggworms saved to the meringue) 3 1/2 dl of wheat flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 pinch of salt Filling 100 g […]

My birthday

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Hey you. How are you? Me? I’m good. We spent last weekend celebrating my birthday. To be honest, I don’t like to celebrate my birthday. I don’t like to be the center of attention, I’d rather celebrate someone else’s birthday Anyway, when I got home last Friday these beautiful flowers, from J, were waiting for […]

Små chokladhjärtan

Min tanke var att baka de här små chokladhjärtanen till alla hjärtans dag. Men det blev aldrig av, och eftersom choklad passar till alla tillfällen så kändes de helt perfekta på årets påskbord. 35 st dubbla kakor 125 g smör, rumsvarmt 1 dl florsocker 2 3/4 dl vetemjöl 1 msk kakao 1 äggula Fyllning 100 […]

JR Pet Products

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This week I thought I’d make a product review. But before we start, I just want to clarify that this post is not sponsored, it’s not a collaboration and it doesn’t contain any affiliate links. So, let’s get started. This is the product in question. JR Pet Product’s Kangaroo sticks. As you know Harry has […]

Food muffins with salami, feta cheese and onions

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I have to admit, I’ve kind of lost track on what topic we should have this week. But it feels like it’s time for something tasty.. beside, I’ve wanted to share this recipe with you for a few weeks now. We made these foodie muffins for brunch at the beginning of February. And they are so […]

Just a Sunday

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I know Harrys already had his moment in the spotlight this month, but I can’t resist showing you some photos from last Sunday and our playdate with big brother Dennis. I love this photo of Dennis. It’s hard to get a good shot, with facial expressions, on a black dog. I also love that you can […]

Our first year with Harry

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I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since we got Harry. And still it feels like yesterday we drove home with our furbaby, wrapped in his blanket – that I still have tucked away in a safe place. So this is the first picture we got from the breeder after we “booked” Harry. She […]

Tagliatelle sgombro with rocket

Swedish below I’m guessing that some of you are frowning right now. Mackerel? Seriously? Yes, seriously. It’s super tasty and mackerel is such an underestimated fish that truly deserve to be in the spotlight more. 80 g mackerel in oil 100 g rocket 1 red onion 150 g of sugar snap peas 180 g tagliatelle […]

Update on the house

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(Swedish below) It’s been ages since I wrote something about our house. The last update I find is from the beginning of October. So it’s time, I’m also gonna show you the layout of the house. So what’s happened. Last time, we had received our plans and could submit a building permit application, which we also […]


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Häromdagen fick jag en smärre chock när jag klev utanför dörren på väg gå till jobbet. Det var dimmigt, frostigt och otroligt kallt. När jag och Harry kom ner till strandkanten var det så otroligt vackert, tyvärr gick det inte att ta några bilder med mobilen för det var alldeles för mörkt.  The other day I […]