Primo ciao ciao

Idag tänkte jag tipsa om en jättemysig restaurang på söder i Stockholm – Primo Ciao Ciao. Vi tog oss till Stockholm i lördags och firade Pablo och hamnade här. Det är en italiensk restaurang med goda fräscha pizzor och ljuvlig pasta. If your ever hungry in Stockholm and your in the part called Söder, the I […]


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Yesterdays challenge was texture, and since I love nature I decided to go for natural texture, more specific the bark on the trees. But you can go for any kind of texture or surface


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Okay, so shooting something dark, or in the dark – much harder than I thought. This past week, we’ve had some really nice starry nights with a bright moon, of course that was until yesterday. My mind went blank. So I wandering aimlessly around the neighborhood, trying to find some inspiration with no such luck. I […]


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I don’t know about you, but I’m having so much fun with this challenge. Todays theme is light, which can be interpreted in various ways as the word itself have various meanings. Daylight, light weight.. I tried to get it all in the photos. Light from the sun, light leafs and the lightness in between. I’m also […]


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So this was my lunch today, a banana, a flap jack and som yoghurt. Not the most exiting photos, and sure, I could’ve chosen old picture. But then it wouldn’t be a challenge. 🙂 Looking at the challenges that are left, I think it’s safe to say that the worst is behind us. Although I […]


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Todays challenge was strangers, which was much harder than I thought. In my mind I visualized a bussy street, people on their way from the train or something like that. But no. In a town of only 5,000 residents in the city center, it was sparsely among the crowds. I had almost given up when […]

A Street

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Don’t judge me, but I’ve basically just now discovered how amazing Pinterest is. I’ve always viewed it as just another social media platform and oh how wrong I’ve been. It’s more like Google with beautiful pictures. Anyway, lately I’ve every really bad at bringing my camera with me and to get some inspiration and challenge […]


English below När jag hållt på och försökt göra oroemilkshakes så har jag fått karamelliserad mjölk över, och jag ville inte bara kasta en halvfull burk. Men vad gör man med karamelliserad mjölk? Jo, man kan göra dessa supergoda chokladcookies som jag hittade hos allagodating. Å gillar du inte choklad så är det bara att […]


English below Jitterbuggare är spröda, söta kakorna som har fått sitt namn från dansen jitterbugg, som blev populär i USA redan under 1920-talet. Degen rullas ihop som en rulltårta så det är inte helt enkelt att få dem riktigt snygga, lyckligtvis sitter inte smaken i utseendet 🙂 ca 40 st 200 g smör 1 dl […]

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