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What’s more asymmetric than old cemetery walls? Laid by hand from the stones found in the ground around the cemetery Just beautiful, I love the moss that’s growing on some of the stones


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Right, I promised you some more facts about the town cathedral. Luckily for me, it has a symmetrical pattern on the clocktower 🙂 < You already know construction started in 1250. Part of it was inaugurated in 1291.It’s dedicated to the Apostles Peter and Paul. New parts arrived in the 1300s and 1400s, but the […]


Vad får man om man tar ett recept på supegoda cookies och blandar i snickers? Gudomliga snickerscookies. Vill du ha dem ännu segare och godare? Blanda i 200 g snickers och 100 g mörk choklad. Jag hittade även en skvätt cashewnötter i skafferiet som jag hackade ner. Helt ljuvliga 36 cookies 200 g mörk choklad […]


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The best thing about fall is all the beautiful colors everywhere you look. These are some photos I shot with my iPhone on my way to work. Have a wonderful weekend


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I feel like my imagination snuck away with the heat. As if it went on holiday without telling me. Anyway, today’s challenge is the gear. And all I came up with was to take a picture of my cameras – with my iPhone. Not the best quality photos, you can barely see that the bottom […]


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What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word luxury? Expensive cars, big mansions or an over the top lifestyle like the rich an famous? To me, luxury is being able to really enjoy the little things in life. A cup of tea and some pastries in the sun, with friends […]


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I have to tell you. It’s really hard to find something to wright about the photos in this challenge. And I’m not even halfway through

Kanlebullens dag

English below Imorgon är det en av mina favoritdagar – kanelbullens dag. Så i lördags kavlade jag upp ärmarna och bakade bullar. Det blev inte bara klassiska kanelbullar utan även en enklare variant av vaniljbullar och äppelbullar. Jag har använt en vanlig bulldeg. Vi börjar med vaniljbullarna. Beroende på hur stora du väljer att göra […]


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I like playing around with Lightroom and Photoshop, it’s relaxing and there is no limits to what you can do with a photo. Okej, this is the end results  


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These are some photos, just a stone’s throw from where I live. I love coming here after a stressful day and just enjoy the beautiful view. It’s also here I shot the photos for my light post (photos 2,3 and 4) A bit to the right, just down the hill, I shot these photos earlier […]