Trying to master the art of product photography

Pink flatlays

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It’s been a long time since I played around with flatlays. And since the weather is so gray and boring, I thought I’d brighten it all up a bit with a dash of pink Find anyone you like? Personally I like the two with the flowers.

Gray flatlays

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Hello lovelies. Are you having a great day? I’ve managed to catch a cold, I’ coughing like a mad person. Surviving on endless amounts of tea and asprins. Today I thought we’d take a break from all the puppy talk and look at some flatlays I’ve made. But first, I’d like your opinion. I’m having trouble […]

Marble flatlays

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Hi, how are you? Any snow left where you are? The last snow rained away here today. Everything feels kind of sad and gloomy now. So the photo challenge has been over for awhile now, so happy about that. It got a bit stressful at times, posting a photo everyday. Don’t get me wrong, it’s was […]

A bit of Halloween

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So yesterday was Halloween, did you go trick or treating? I’m not much of a Halloween person, I usually make a jack o lantern, buy some candy for the kids in the neighborhood and watch a horrormovie (or two) But that’s about it. However, this year I didn’t make a jack o lantern, I had a […]


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I found these cool pillows in a shopwindow. I think it’s apples. What do you see?


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I feel like my imagination snuck away with the heat. As if it went on holiday without telling me. Anyway, today’s challenge is the gear. And all I came up with was to take a picture of my cameras – with my iPhone. Not the best quality photos, you can barely see that the bottom […]


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Remember when I said shooting something dark was the hardest on this challenge? I take it back. The more I think about the different themes, the harder it gets. Like today, how do you shoot clean? I’ve spent literally the whole Sunday (and today at work) thinking about it. And then J said, why not shoot […]


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There is something special about old, dull, rusty copper and metals that I think is just beautiful.


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I made my very own lightbox last week, it was so much fun. And these are my first pictures. I used a piece of an old Christmas decorations in brass. <

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