Yes, Harry’s got his own corner here on the blog. In here it’s all dogrelated, from everyday life to product reviews, helpful tips and tricks and everything in between.

Maundy Thursday

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Ah, Maundy Thursday. I think this is the first Maundy Thursday in very many years that I didn’t have to work all day. I must say it feels very luxurious. But we haven’t had time to bee lazy. We’ve cleared even more in the garden and drove two times to the dump with twigs and […]


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Hi What a Tuesday we’ve had – or, are having, the day’s not over yet. Here we’ve had full speed since 6 am, so we’re starting to feel a bit tired now. J been alone with Harry, for the first time, while I was in the office. I also took the opportunity to go in to town […]

Dady is home

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Finally, after 10 long days daddy is finally home again.  Harry was so crazy when he saw J was standing outside the door. During the past week we have been with Dennis and my mother in law for a few hour every day,  I have worked from her house Monday and Friday, and when I spent […]

Meet Harry

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Hi Wow, it feels like ages since the last time. Is it just me ore does more and more time pass between each new post? Not quite what I imagined when I started this blog. So, how come it’s been so long since the last time? Well, the reason is that we got a new […]