A regular thursday

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Yep. It’s a normal Thursday. The cold is still very much here. But I’ve worked from home both yesterday and today – well, my mother-in-laws home. It’s so nice to get some peace and quiet while I work and Harry can play for a while with Dennis. Right now we’re sitting on the balcony, Harry has […]


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Good morning and Happy Valborg. I hope you’ve had a good nights sleep and are ready for another beautiful day. Today we’re a little bit tired, we had Dennis for a few hours last night and didn’t get into bed until 10 pm. Way later that usual for this little puppy. But we had a […]


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Woho, it’s finally Friday and the sun is shining. How are you? I hope you’r looking forward to the weekend, I know I am. Today me and J went to Tuna Park after work and got some new shoes and jackets for spring/summer. I also got a new toy for Harry, a seek-a-treat discovery wheel […]

Easter Sunday

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Good morning. Did you have a nice Easter Eve yesterday? We had a great day, the snow was still there when we got up, but as I had hoped, it melted away during the day and we had some lovely sunshine throughout the day. I even managed to sit outside on my in laws porch and […]

Good Friday

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Okej, this was not the kind of weather I had hoped for for Easter. Right now it’s snowing – a lot. And it’s not melting away 🙁  Hopefully it will tomorrow. Today we’ve founded around the parts of the fence where the gates will be. After that we went to my in laws and Harry got to […]


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Good morning Hope you have had a really good weekend and that you didn’t fall for some April Fool’s joke. Me, I avoided television, radio and social media, but I was most likely fooled anyway 🙂 Right now I’m sitting at home with my mother in law works and gets some relief, there has been some […]

24 hours later

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Harry on his favorite spot, on the sofa, scouting the area. Hello Well, it has probably been exactly 24 hours .. Right now I’m sitting at the kitchen table, looking out over the garden, the rain is pouring down, and Harry is asleep in his bed. The evening and the night went  really good, better than expected, […]


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Nah, you know what. We need to make a fresh start here. I’m really lousy at taking my camera out and shoot, Harry takes up almost all of my waking hours. So this photo blog, is simply becoming something of a lifestyle blog. Since the beginning of this year, I only work 25% due to fatigue […]

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My favorite photoapps

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Today I want to share with you some of my favorite apps when it comes to editing photos. After all, our phones are always with us 🙂 First up is Snapseed, which is the one I use the most. It has 24 different tools and filters, including: point editing, brush, structure, HDR, perspective, and it opens […]

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