24 hours later

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Harry on his favorite spot, on the sofa, scouting the area. Hello Well, it has probably been exactly 24 hours .. Right now I’m sitting at the kitchen table, looking out over the garden, the rain is pouring down, and Harry is asleep in his bed. The evening and the night went  really good, better than expected, […]


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Nah, you know what. We need to make a fresh start here. I’m really lousy at taking my camera out and shoot, Harry takes up almost all of my waking hours. So this photo blog, is simply becoming something of a lifestyle blog. Since the beginning of this year, I only work 25% due to fatigue […]

Italiensk bondomelett med fetaost och tomatbruscetta

English below Omeletter är perfekta både som frukost, brunch eller varför inte som en lättare middag efter en stressig dag. 2 msk tomatpuré 1 1/2 msk balsamvinäger 2 msk vatten 1 tsk strösocker 3 vitlöksklyftor (2 pressade) 1 bakpotatis 1 rödlök 1 tsk torkad rosmarin olivolja 6 ägg 1/2 dl mjölk 1 citron salt peppar […]

Meet Harry

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Hi Wow, it feels like ages since the last time. Is it just me ore does more and more time pass between each new post? Not quite what I imagined when I started this blog. So, how come it’s been so long since the last time? Well, the reason is that we got a new […]


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Some short facts about the Colosseum before we check out the pictures. The Colosseum is an amphitheater built between 70 and 80 AD. Emperor Vespasian began building and his son Titus finished it. The Colosseum had been fights between wild animals, executions, gladiatorial games and theater here before a large audience, as most 87,000 spectators. […]

The Vatican

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Have you seen (or read) Angels and Demons? Then you will certainly recognize a lot when you come to the Vatican. But what shocked me the most was the amount of people who were there. We thought we were early, we got there already at 9 pm, but check out the queue – it just […]

Falafelwrap med stekt matbanan, syrlig mangodressing och bladpersilja

English below Finns det något bättre än riktigt god snabbmat? De här wrapsen kan lätt ersätta det traditionella tacomyset på fredagar. 225 g tinad mango 1 dl créme fraiche 2 1/2 msk vitvinsvinäger 1 1/2 tsk salt 1 krm cayennepeppar nymalen svartpeppar 800 g kikärtor, sköljda och avrunna 1 vitlökslyfta 1 msk spiskummin 2 msk […]

A weekend in Rome

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Oops, already February. Must admit that neither the inspiration or motivation has been on top, but last week it became some pictures when we went on a weekend to Rome. I was going to split the weekend in three different parts of it are simply too many pictures to graze in a post. In the […]

Winter wonderland

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It’s been quite a while since I photographed something. But last Saturday, when we were on a quick visit to my in-laws, I took the opportunity to take some photos with my cell phone on the way home. I really like these pictures, the fog gives them a somewhat mystical feeling.

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