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Hi. How are you? I’m a bit exhausted. We had +30C yesterday and I haven’t slept very well, it was just to hot. But I can’t complain, I like it a lot better than the weather we’ve had. We’ve just gotten home after a visit to my parents. This was Harrys first roadtrip, and he did […]

The Sun is back

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The sun is back, after two days of grey clouds and rain, it’s finally back. And the temperatures is up. Oh, joy. A little birdie told me it’s going to be about +20C this weekend, which is perfect because we’re going to see my parents on Saturday. Today was my first day back at the office, […]

Sunny Saturday

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Yes, the warm weather is back – at least for a few days. We started this gorgeous day with a walk down by the sea. Harry just loves walking by the sea, he gets all crazy, just running around and running out on the bridges. After a bit of gardening we’re spending the day outdoors, […]

A regular thursday

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Yep. It’s a normal Thursday. The cold is still very much here. But I’ve worked from home both yesterday and today – well, my mother-in-laws home. It’s so nice to get some peace and quiet while I work and Harry can play for a while with Dennis. Right now we’re sitting on the balcony, Harry has […]

Blåbärs muffins

Jag har verkligen kommit in i lite av ett blåbärsmood, och något som går snabbt och lätt när man är fikasugen är ju muffins. Precis som med sockerkaka och rulltårta kan man variera dessa små godbitar i all oändlighet. Är du ingen blåbärsälskare kanske russin och sötade apelsinskal kan vara något? Eller varför inte skära […]

Puppycourse and Hundboxen

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Hi Hey, what happened to the beautiful weather? Got a little shock yesterday morning when I went out with Harry and it was snowing. SNOWING. Crazy. My cold still hasn’t gotten any better so I had to get  out a jacket, scarf, hat and mittens again. Even the winter boots.   I have to tell you, […]

Gray flatlays

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Hello lovelies. Are you having a great day? I’ve managed to catch a cold, I’ coughing like a mad person. Surviving on endless amounts of tea and asprins. Today I thought we’d take a break from all the puppy talk and look at some flatlays I’ve made. But first, I’d like your opinion. I’m having trouble […]

Seek a treat Discovery Wheel

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Last Friday I got Harry a Seek A Treat Discovery Wheel, and as I suspected, he loved it. Just for fun I shot a video of him with my Sony A5000. It’s a bit shaky and out of focus at some times, but I’m still new at this. Okej here goes.


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Good morning and Happy Valborg. I hope you’ve had a good nights sleep and are ready for another beautiful day. Today we’re a little bit tired, we had Dennis for a few hours last night and didn’t get into bed until 10 pm. Way later that usual for this little puppy. But we had a […]


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Woho, it’s finally Friday and the sun is shining. How are you? I hope you’r looking forward to the weekend, I know I am. Today me and J went to Tuna Park after work and got some new shoes and jackets for spring/summer. I also got a new toy for Harry, a seek-a-treat discovery wheel […]

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