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I found these cool pillows in a shopwindow. I think it’s apples. What do you see?


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I had to look this word up. It means signs collectively, especially commercial or public display signs. And when you google it, it shows you pictures of mostly restrooms and roadsigns. I thought this would be a bit more interesting. The rules for the working strangers I shoot on the second day.


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Woho, Friday and only 4 more days to go on this photo challenge. Wii. So todays theme is water, and I shot these photos from a privet marina that I walk by every time I walk in to town It’s getting harder every day to take photos as there is less and less daylight. I’m […]


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This is my interpretation of culture, an old phone booth There is no phone left in it, but I think it’s pretty cool that they’ve kept it


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Hm, maybe more of a gate than a door, but it’s just so beautiful. I love all the details Only seven days to go with this photo challenge.. can’t wait for it to be over. Yes I lack patience, haha


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Todays challenge is animal, so I’ve collected some photos from the last few weeks – hard to believe when you look outside right now.. I shot this bumblebee the last few days of September And this little fellow I found on one of my lunchwalks at work. I’ve no idea what kind of larva it is, […]


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What’s more asymmetric than old cemetery walls? Laid by hand from the stones found in the ground around the cemetery Just beautiful, I love the moss that’s growing on some of the stones


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Right, I promised you some more facts about the town cathedral. Luckily for me, it has a symmetrical pattern on the clocktower 🙂 < You already know construction started in 1250. Part of it was inaugurated in 1291.It’s dedicated to the Apostles Peter and Paul. New parts arrived in the 1300s and 1400s, but the […]


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The best thing about fall is all the beautiful colors everywhere you look. These are some photos I shot with my iPhone on my way to work. Have a wonderful weekend


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I feel like my imagination snuck away with the heat. As if it went on holiday without telling me. Anyway, today’s challenge is the gear. And all I came up with was to take a picture of my cameras – with my iPhone. Not the best quality photos, you can barely see that the bottom […]